March 2011

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Craft Beer in Istanbul Turkey?

Last week I was in Istanbul visiting friends. THe food and the company was great and I was treated very well everywhere. I did not have high hopes finding good beer. I had found Taps Istanbul, but unfortunately it had closed a few weeks earlier. This was too bad since…

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New beers March 15′th 2011

This time Systembolaget released several good beers I really wanted, and since the next two releases April 1’st and Easter looks pretty uninteresting for a IPA and Stout freak as me, apart from a couple of exceptions. I thought I would spend next months beer budget to. I got 13…

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New beers March 1’st 2011

Today Systembolaget released new beers, I got all the new ones I wanted :-). Green Flash – West Coast India Pale Ale (San Diego, USA) Brasserie De La Senne – Taras Boulba Extra Hoppy Ale (Belgium) de Molen – Op & Top (Netherlands) Epic – Mayhem (New Zeeland) Djævlebryg –…