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Low on alcohol but strong taste

Just because it is low alcohol doesn’t mean it have to taste like water. On a hot summer day when you’re thirsty and doesn’t want to get hammered, the uRination Ale is perfect. Maybe it’s your lunch beer and you don’t want to get too relaxed during the afternoon meeting. Or you have to drive. Drinking and driving is so much fun, but it is also pretty stupid.

If you love beer but doesn’t love getting hammered this is the perfect solution.

uRination Ale

A light and very hoppy ale, IBU around 40-60, and ABV around 3.5%
This beer is a lighter poem to the glory of the Stone Ruination IPA which is twice the alcohol and have over 100 IBU. With 40 IBU this pale ale should feel as bitter as Ruination, plus you can drink twice as many before it is too late ;-).

uRination Ale

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