Bochet is caramelised honey mead. You boil the honey for 10 minutes or more until it get darker. The oldest and maybe the best known recipe of Bochet is mentioned in ‘Le Menagier de Paris’ a book from 1393.

By caramelising honey you get a world of new flavours. Sometimes you add spices such as ginger, cloves, long peppers and grains. I’m sure they used what they had and was probably very creative. Possible also very secretive to exactly how they made their special brew.

Bochet is a type of mead that is made from honey that has been caramelized. It yields a dark, clear mead with a complex flavor. Bochetomel is a bochet style mead that also contains fruit such as elderberriesblack raspberries and blackberries.



Bochocolate is a name I just made up. Everything is better with Chocolate, even mead.

On my #MeadDay002 i made a Bochet/Braggot with chocolate malt and cacao nibs. Hence the name Bochocolate.

Chocolate Bochet Braggot