Heiðrún is 10 years old this year 2020. I have made nearly 80 brews, 25 the first years and then less and less. But lately I started making Hazy New England Raw Ale IPA which has become my favourite kind of beer.

Maybe I’ll do some seasonal beers for the winter, I don’t know. Maybe Imperial stout or something crazy.

Here the ones I already made straight from the teats. They’re not baaad!

Hazy New England Raw Ale IPA

Raw; the wort is not boiled. It is heated up to 75C and then held that temperature for 20-30 minutes to pasteurise it.

Hazy; I use up to 30% flaked oats and wheat, this makes it hazy and full body feel.

Juicy; I dry hop twice in the fermentation process, then usually once more in the keg.

Hazy New England Raw Ale IPA
Hazy New England Raw Ale IPA

India Black Ales

Black IPA, Cascadian Dark Ales, I prefer to call them India Black Ale (IBA). Do not confuse these with stouts or porters! They are not meant to be thick and heavy as a stout or porter should be (in my opinion). The IBA’s have lighter body and like an India Pale Ale they have a lot of hops in them, even more to balance out the roasted malts. The hop aroma should take over and the roasted malts be subtle. The theme here is Ninja, as we all know they are the deadliest.

Ninja IPA
Ninja IPA

India Pale Ale

I used to make them, but now I mostly do NEIPA. I once made a 666 IBU ale, that was problematic. But it was good.

Luciferi 666 IBU (Really Evil) Imperial Pale Ale

Stouts & Porters

I love stouts and porters, the heavier and thicker the better. Tolchock is my Imperial Stouts with 10-21% ABV, rich with black malts. Moloko Milk+ is our milk stouts and oatmeal stouts, yeah lactose free to!

Imperial Stout


Barleywines (in my opinion) should be more malty than an India Pale Ale. Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish a Barleywine to an Imperial IPA, but generally the Barleywine have fuller body and is more sweet than an IPA.


Light Beers / Session Beers

Oh yes I make light beers to! Light as in low alcohol, below 3.5%ABV is the rule. But in all other areas it is rich and full of taste. Dark and pale ales, with spices or not.

Voodoo Juice

Fuck the Reinheitsgeburt – I don’t care! These ones got something more than barley, hops, yeast and water. They are brewed with spices, herbs, fruits or other strange stuff in them. Not necessary like Belgian beers. Did you hear about a Belgian beer with Chocolate and Raspberry? Well look at the #055 Kånkelbärs for example.

Stor Stark

This is a generic term that uneducated people (here in Sweden) who don’t care what they drink order when they want a yellow fizzy and boring lager. So I tried making a couple of lagers. It’s not that difficult. For example #051 Black ShLager. ShLager is Swedish Lager for short.

Non Categorized Beers

All other beers falls under this category until I figure things out. Some beer might also be a once in a lifetime batch, just for fun, testing, experimenting etc. For example the Luciferi 666 I used crazy amounts of hops in the boil, I think it was 1 kg hops in a 16 liter kettle, after the cooling literally half the kettle was hops and the other wort. So this was more hops than water. I will probably not do this again, it’s too expensive and use more than 150 IBU is useless and stupid unless you want to break a record or something.

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