Articles by Heiðrún theGoat


Brewday #57 – Red Alert

This is the first time I’m water adjusting the beer. To get really hoppy and crisp beers I realized I need to adjust the water. The water I have is pretty good so it was no big problem, it’s actually really good for dark beers because the PH 8.5 is…


Brewday #55 – Kånkelbärs

Ok, I’ll be short today (I think). Today I’m brewing what I call Voodoo Juice (any kind of beer with spices and shit in it). I used pale malt and wheat malt, and cold mashed Chocolate Dinkel/Spelt Malt. The spices is Coriander, Anis Star, and Pomerans (Bitter Orange). Also at…


Japanese Craftbeer

Here is some bottles and cans I bought at the Tanakaya Beer Store in Meijiro, Tōkyō. 1. Amaou Oatmeal Black, Brewmaster (Fukuoka) 2. Rising Sun Pale Ale, Baird Brewing (Numazu). ### weak/watery 3. Teikoku IPA, Baird Brewing (Numazu). ### weak/boring 4. Yabai! Yabai! Strong Scotch Ale, Baird Brewing (Numazu). ###…