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New beers this month

Got Some good stuff this week, from left to right. Glazen Toren Cuvée Angélique (96/91), North Coast Grand Cru (96/82), Stone Old Guardian Belgo-Barley Wine (96/78), Amager Drei von Dänen (96/88), Midtfyns/De Molen X Porter (99/82), Oude Gueuze Tilquin à l’Ancienne (99/78), BrewDog Abstrakt AB:07 (89/68), BrewDog Nøgne Ø Mikkeller Black Tokyo* Horizon (99/85), BrewDog […]


Copenhagen Beer Celebration

It’s official, I want to go! It’s just that they will release the tickets 11/11/11 at 11:11 CET and they only have 1000 tickets per day and they will sell out really fast. Me blogging about it certainly wont help secure my ticket, not that many people read this blog anyway. If I can’t get […]

Shopping list

New beers March 15′th 2011

This time Systembolaget released several good beers I really wanted, and since the next two releases April 1’st and Easter looks pretty uninteresting for a IPA and Stout freak as me, apart from a couple of exceptions. I thought I would spend next months beer budget to. I got 13 bottles and paid 909 SEK. […]


Copenhagen beer trip

I was in Copenhagen the past weekend with an old friend to relax and drink Danish beer. It was rainy and cold in this Gothic city ;-), this weekend. Being November it was ok. We found some very good places where you can buy many, many beers. I bought 36 different beers from Ølbutikken, Høkeren […]