Brewday #38 – Soba IPA (with Japanese そば茶)

Today I’m making a not so hoppy and not so strong India Pale Ale with Japanese そば茶. Soba-cha is my favorite Japanese tea, it is made from roasted buckwheat berries, and has a delicious nutty, malty flavor. It doesn’t have the bitterness as green tea even if you soak it for a long time or make it strong. It have a little sweet taste, with this full body IPA it will be quite sweet with the full flavor of Galaxy aroma hops and dry hopped. Galaxy will add peachy, some say lychee, citrusy aroma and taste. I think this will be a hit!

Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival

Urquell unpasteurized pilsner

Last Friday I was at the 20’th annual Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival. I have only visited the last three ones, over all I think last year was better beers. Maybe because I got higher expectations now. I sampled 38 different beers this time, most of the beers was drinkable, some was good and very few if any was excellent.

You can see the whole list I tried on Untappd (I’m not sure how you can search?), I filled them out the day after because the app didn’t work that well after my first check in.

The first beer I wanted was the unpasteurized beer from Urquell, it was served from a 2700 liter barrel (seen on the picture here). However I overheard the bartender say it only contained 600 liters. They won’t serve from it the second week, so if you didn’t try it you missed it. If you ask me you didn’t miss that much. My friend said he had this same beer at the Soldaten Svejk pub the other day, so you can find it if you really want it I guess. This type of beer is not really my favourite. I sampled two more from Urquell, the best one was the Master Dark, pretty chocolately and lean schwarzbier.

Then we went directly to the hard stuff, and pretty much did that the rest of the day/evening. I’m gonna give a few comments of the ones worth mentioning here in no particular order…

Weisse Arne from the Worlds Smallest Brewery was a very good weissbier, I could have hade pints of this. Weissbier is sometimes a little bit sour, this one wasn’t and I liked it very much. It would be a very good session beer. As to being a small brewery they explained that it is the chef making the beer in a 0.96 kvm (10.33 ft2) part of his kitchen.

There is a new brewery in Stockholm called Södra Malfabriken, I tried their IPA’s and didn’t like it very much, it was ok-beer but not more. It will be interesting to see if they can do something better in the future.

Sigtuna Brygghus had a new version of Ace Of Spades, this year it was an Imperial IPA. I was a bit disappointed. It didn’t have very much aroma, if it was aged for a long time it could be explained, but I thought it would probably be much better after six more months. Then it would rather be a barleywine, right? I’m sure Lemmy would not approve it ;-). I didn’t sample anything else from them (nothing new for me this time).

Oppigårds had a Hop Rocket (I want one!) connected to their Golden Ale this day. I forgot to ask which hops it was, but with the hop rocket I think the Golden Ale was lot more tasty and refreshing than the ordinary one. I also tasted their Ekporter, very nice.

Jämtlands Bryggeri had a Black IPA, I was disappointed! It was rather like a black English type of ale, it was not what I expected.

Eskilstuna Ölkultur had many good beers and nice guys working behind the bar.

Lervig Aktiebryggeri from Stavanger had a very good Brewers Reserve Rye IPA, very nice hoppy aroma. Their Konrads Stout was also pretty good.

Then I had some new from last years favourites, Djaevlebryg. Old Mephisto brewed 2008 and aged until now, it got gold last year? Gudelös and Dark Beast was also very good.

Amager’s Black IPA was pretty good, it is a good brewery. Since Black IPA is my favourite category and I make ones myself I have pretty solid idea of how a black IPA should be. And I have only tasted one or two black IPA’s (ever) that can compare to the ones I make. Also their Rated XXX would be worth mentioning.

A “industrial brewery” that doesn’t need SEO help celebrated a 175 year old porter by making it a little special by increasing the alcohol level and oak age it. I didn’t really buy the three fermenting stages they did with this beer, I simply believe the yeast did not simply do the job very quickly, and when you add something with sugar it will keep on eating and farting out alcohol no matter what you do in the process. But the girl behind the bar was nice, and this was the only place that gave us cheese with the beer samples, that is the reason I even brought this beer up :-).

To sum up this article, I tasted 38 different beers this day/evening (I got home before 22:00), my alcohol level was around 1.50‰ when I left.

There is one more weekend, maybe I’ll go again if someone want me to join. I tried most of the beers I wanted, but there is 20-30 more yellow tagged beers I didn’t try. Mostly bottles that shouldn’t be to difficult to run into in the future anyway.


Brewday #33 – Heidrun the Vampire Slayer IPA

Bravo Zulu (Garlic spices India Pale Ale) β1

Today I’m brewing an garlic spiced India Pale Ale. I know, I g00gled the internets and found some forum posts about garlic in beer. It doesn’t look very well investigated which get me more eager to do a proper one. It also looks like people used garlic with lager or fizzy yellow beers? Anywhy I’m doing it with a medium hopped IPA and caramel malt, and high mash in temperature for extra body (I would have used more caramel malts if I had in stock, but I don’t). The hops I use is Bravo and Calypso, both very high American alpha hops. In one forum a lot of people said they was gonna try and make one and report back, but hardly no one did and one guy said that they are all probably dead and we should take it as a warning. So if this web site and twitter stop you probably know why ;-).

Batch size 12 liters (Estimated)
OG 1076 (Estimated)
FG 1021 (Estimated)
ABV 7.14% (Estimated)
IBU 60 (Estimated)
EBC 19 (Estimated)


Brewday #32 Snaggletööth IPA

Today I brewed the first batch of Snaggletööth IPA. It is a smoked, well hopped and oak aged India Pale Ale. This is the smaller brother of the infamous Snaggletööth Barleywine I did in December last year. Like before I will soak the oak chips in Jack Daniels whiskey, then pour everything in to the second fermentation for 2-3 weeks. I’m also using different hops this time, it is the first time I use Bravo and Calypso hops. I checked the internets for ideas, and I think Bravo will do fine as bittering, and Calypso as aroma. I don’t think I need to dry hop this one, 80 gr with 1 minute in the boil will make plenty of aroma anyway.

Batch size 10 liters (Estimated)
OG 1074 (Estimated)
FG 1020 (Estimated)
ABV 7% (Estimated)
IBU 81 (Estimated)
EBC 30 (Estimated)

It is also too warm in my apartment so I’m fermenting in my beer fridge with thermostat, it starts when the temp is 21,5C and off when it’s 19,5C. I also prepared with 20 gr medium roasted oak chips in 33 cl Jack Daniels, put it in the cupboard until second fermentation. The main reason I soak them in whiskey is to kill bacteria.