New beers this month


Got Some good stuff this week, from left to right. 20111102-105552.jpg

Glazen Toren Cuvée Angélique (96/91),
North Coast Grand Cru (96/82),
Stone Old Guardian Belgo-Barley Wine (96/78),
Amager Drei von Dänen (96/88),
Midtfyns/De Molen X Porter (99/82),
Oude Gueuze Tilquin à l’Ancienne (99/78),
BrewDog Abstrakt AB:07 (89/68),
BrewDog Nøgne Ø Mikkeller Black Tokyo* Horizon (99/85),
BrewDog Sunk Punk (–/–),
Nynäshamns Bötet Barley Wine (96/77),
Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale (92/97),

Koelschip Obilix 45% ABV (BANNED!)
Koelschip Start The Future! 60% ABV (BANNED!)
Banned on Ratebeer, don’t blame me for it!!!

New beers March 15′th 2011

This time Systembolaget released several good beers I really wanted, and since the next two releases April 1’st and Easter looks pretty uninteresting for a IPA and Stout freak as me, apart from a couple of exceptions. I thought I would spend next months beer budget to. I got 13 bottles and paid 909 SEK. I came 15 minutes before the shop opened and it was 20 people in front of me, when they opened the line was twice as long behind me. Most people was there for the beer releases, apparently they also released wine. The guy behind me in the bought ONE bottle of wine and paid 2500 SEK (or there abouts if I heard right), I’m glad I’m not that into wine. I got these…

  • 11154 [79,30kr; 75cl] Cuvée de Ranke [RB] (one bottle)
  • 11140 [59,90kr; 18cl] De Molen Hel & Verdoemenis Misto BA [SchnilleRB] (three bottles)
  • 11141 [59,90kr; 33cl] De Molen Hemel & Aarde [SchnilleRB] (four bottles)
  • 11127 [56,90kr; 50cl] Hornbeer Hophorn [Schnille på FBRB] (one bottle)
  • 11143 [99,60kr; 75cl] De Molen Mooi & Meedogenloos [RB] (two bottles)
  • 11150 [119,90kr; 65cl] Goose Island Pere Jacques [RB] (one bottle)
  • 11142 [32,90kr; 33cl] De Molen Vuur & Vlam [SchnilleRB] (one bottle)

13 bottles 909.00 SEK

I was also looking at these below, but I thought I might get them later. Amager usually makes very good beer, but the bag was already very heavy.

  • 11138 [55,80kr; 50cl] Amager Citra Weiss [RB]
  • 11153 [99,90kr; 50cl] Amager/Mikkeler Hr Frederiksens Væsel Brunch [RB]


New beers March 1’st 2011

New beers March 1'st 2011

Today Systembolaget released new beers, I got all the new ones I wanted :-).

The Bourbon County above was released last week and I had ordered two more (because I could!). There was other beers released to, but I had already tasted them or wasn’t interested. And I didn’t want to spend too much money, new ones are coming in two weeks. It’s expensive to keep up with what’s released.

Hmm, there was no Stouts this release!