Brewday #51 – Black ShLager

Today is really bad weather, rainy and hard winds, perfect brewing day. I’m making a well hopped Schwarzbier, single hop with only Chinook. I prepared cold mashing of the black malts yesterday. I wish I had münchener and pilsner malts but it will do with Pale Ale malts, also tiny amounts of wheat, and amber malt.I used very little hops for bittering and taste, and huge amounts for aroma as you can see in the picture.

OG 1058
FG 1015 (est)
Liters 22
ABV% 5.6 (est)
IBU 33

Music this beer was brewed to was Old Classical 1960’s Ska

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Heiðrún theGoat

Heiðrún, the goat on the hall that stands, eateth off læráth's limbs; the crocks she fills with clearest mead, will that drink not e'er be drained.

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