Brewday #79 (Raw Ale New England IPA)

Raw Ale 09

I’m doing another Raw Ale, New England IPA with El Dorado, Centennial and Zappa hops.

This is the ninth time I make a Raw Ale, New England style IPA, leraning curve was longer than other styles. And I’m getting lazier and lazier…. The new thing I did this time was that instead of adding 100gr El Dorado hops in the whirlpool I added the hops in the mash instead, that saved me 30 minutes on the brewday. Am I genius or not, we soon find out.

My thinking was that the hops in the whirlpool in a little higher temperature and shorter than in the mash would give the same result. I think I’m a genius again.

This beer is not boiled (no hops was abused). In the temperature of 75C for more than 20 minutes will make it pasteurised.

I will dry hop two times with Centennial and Zappa hops in the fermentation bucket and a third time with El Dorado in the 19L keg before I transfer it to the smaller 5L “party kegs”.

OG1063 and 18 litres should come out as 6.8%ABV.

Kegging the Raw Ale

The Final Gravity is about 1.015 which roughly about 6.2% ABV. The New England IPA was kegged 2020-04-01 with 100 gr El Dorado. After circa one week it will be transfered from the 19L keg to three 5L party kegs. This is how I usually do and it has worked great.

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