Freyja’s Blood Bochet w Raspberry – Anise & Chipotle

Freyja's Blood Bochet

Freyja’s Blood Bochet w Raspberry – Anise and Chipotle (MeadDay #03). This is the third Mead I make. It is red like blood. This mead falls under the category of Mead of Poetry. It was boiled, so it is technically a Bochet.

In Norse mythology, strawberries are connected to Freyja, the goddess of love. And also the story about the spirits of children hidden inside strawberries smuggled into the afterlife heaven by Odin’s wife Frigg.

Freyja's Blood Bochet w Raspberry - Anise & Chipotle


  • 1.4 Kg honey
  • 1 liter Brunneby raspberry concentrate
  • 0.9 Kg raspberries
  • 15 gr Anise stars
  • 1 Chipotle (in secondary)

OG 1125
FG 0.997
ABV% 17.5

It turned out quite tart as expected, but I think I will keep it that way. Let’s see what the Chipotle will do.

Freyja’s Blood Bochet Updates…

This came out as the best Mead so far. Beautiful red colour and slightly hazy which I don’t mind at all.

The smell is amazing, I could sniff the glass for hours.

It is not too sweet or too dry, it’s right up my alley. The raspberries is obvious. The amount of anise and chipotle is perfect you can taste them in the background. This was a perfect combination.

I’m sorry there was only six bottles made so it is unlikely you will ever taste it. I will do this again for sure, maybe switch out the juice for real berries. Maybe so much it would be a no water mead/melomel. I imagine the raspberry taste will be strong so I guess I would have to add more anise and chipotle? If I do it or not, the future knows.

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