Chocolate Bochet Mead (MeadDay #02)

Chocolate Bochet Braggot

Last week I made a Chocolate Bochet Mead. For those that doesn’t know, a Bochet is what mead is called when you boil the honey to caramelise it. I boiled the Acacia honey for 10 minutes.

Then I had cold mashed chocolate malts over night. I baked 100 gr of cacao nibs in the oven for 10 minutes.

5.5 litres
OG 1.065

OG 1060
Original Gravity 1065
Roasted Cacao Nibs
Roasted Cacao Nibs

Conditioning the Chocolate Bochet

Chocolate Bochet Mead Update 2020-04-08; It definitely smelled Chocolate when I opened the bucket. Tasting the 1 month old boy it is a little sour and thin. I don’t mind the thin, I hope the sour thing goes away with ageing.

Maybe it would have balanced out if I had added some tannins from black tea or something? For being the second mead I make it is not bad, it is a learning curve I guess.

It was racked to a 5 liter damejeanne and I added one Vanilla stick. The final gravity turned out FG 0.999 and according Beersmith it is 8.8%ABV

I might back sweeten it if the vanilla doesn’t make it more full bodied taste. But now I will try to forget it for two months and let it do its job without me interfering.

Bottling the Chocolate Bochet

Chocolate Bochet Mead Update 2020-06-08; Well I bottled four 75cl bottles and four 37cl bottles. It was to dry so I back sweetened it with cane sugar in the bottle and pasteurised the bottles (I don’t want bottle bombs).

I regret using cane sugar, I should have used Muscovado sugar, maybe next time?

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