Brewday #19 Voodoo Juice for Christmas

Today I’m brewing a Voodo Juice for the Christmas holiday. Pale Ale, Wheat, Oat, Chrystal, Chocolate malt and Japanese Oi! Punk. I will use anis, black pepper, cinnamon and ginger spices. I will hop it with Sorachi Ace (bitter & taste), and Amarillo (taste and aroma). I will banish the Safbrew t-58 (belgian yeast) and put it to fermentation.

From now on I will call all the beers I make that doesn’t follow the reinheitsgebot for Voodoo Juice, it goes without saying that I also have to banish the wort and send the correct spell into the fermentation process.

Follow the process on twitter… @heidrunBrewery

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Heiðrún, the goat on the hall that stands, eateth off læráth's limbs; the crocks she fills with clearest mead, will that drink not e'er be drained.

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