Kegged and ready for the KGZ party

Yesterday I kegged the last three beers I specially made for the Kaigozan Dojo 20 Year Anniversary. It is in total five beers…

helfWete, Belgian wit with coriander, orange, ginger, black pepper, anis.

Kunoichi Ale, 30% wheat malt and overhopped, it should be a pretty bitchy ale.

Ninja IPA, Cascadian style of black overhopped ale, it should attack you from nowhere

Ronzacapa (Imperial Vanilla Rum Stout), strong and robust! Chocolate, vanilla, and rum from 23 year old Ronzacapa.

Ohayo (breakfast stout), oatmeal and coffe stout.

Note: this is a closed party for members only!

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Heiðrún, the goat on the hall that stands, eateth off læráth's limbs; the crocks she fills with clearest mead, will that drink not e'er be drained.

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