Brewday #58 – Moloko Milk+ Chocolate

#58 Moloko Milk+ Chocolate (label)

Today I’m brewing a Chocolate Milk Stout. Pale malt, caramel malt and three black malts (pale chocolate, chocolate and black malt). I’m using chocolate nibs (10 min boil), and will be adding lactose at the bottling. Everything else is the same as usual.

Don’t worry about the noodles, it’s not going in to the beer. Noodles t is a quick perfect meal when the oven is occupied. I got use for the rice cooker to, it will cover the boil off from the big kettle.

I think I will do like the last time, at the second fermentation pour 10 liter in one and the rest in the the second and add water so I get a lower ABV beer.

It was 26C warm in my apartment, and it rained this morning so it’s not getting cooler than that. So I wrapped the fermentation tank in wet blanket and put the fan on it. The temp meter said 20C (pretty good).

Edit 2013-06-17: I put 12 liters in first (second fermentation) tank. Estimated 7%ABV.
I put 7.5 liters plus 4.5 liters water in the second (second fermentation) tank. Estimated 4.2%ABV.

Edit 2013-06-26: Bottled the Main batch and got 31 bottles (37cl). I added 5gr Lactose per bottle.

Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival

Urquell unpasteurized pilsner

Last Friday I was at the 20’th annual Stockholm Beer and Whisky Festival. I have only visited the last three ones, over all I think last year was better beers. Maybe because I got higher expectations now. I sampled 38 different beers this time, most of the beers was drinkable, some was good and very few if any was excellent.

You can see the whole list I tried on Untappd (I’m not sure how you can search?), I filled them out the day after because the app didn’t work that well after my first check in.

The first beer I wanted was the unpasteurized beer from Urquell, it was served from a 2700 liter barrel (seen on the picture here). However I overheard the bartender say it only contained 600 liters. They won’t serve from it the second week, so if you didn’t try it you missed it. If you ask me you didn’t miss that much. My friend said he had this same beer at the Soldaten Svejk pub the other day, so you can find it if you really want it I guess. This type of beer is not really my favourite. I sampled two more from Urquell, the best one was the Master Dark, pretty chocolately and lean schwarzbier.

Then we went directly to the hard stuff, and pretty much did that the rest of the day/evening. I’m gonna give a few comments of the ones worth mentioning here in no particular order…

Weisse Arne from the Worlds Smallest Brewery was a very good weissbier, I could have hade pints of this. Weissbier is sometimes a little bit sour, this one wasn’t and I liked it very much. It would be a very good session beer. As to being a small brewery they explained that it is the chef making the beer in a 0.96 kvm (10.33 ft2) part of his kitchen.

There is a new brewery in Stockholm called Södra Malfabriken, I tried their IPA’s and didn’t like it very much, it was ok-beer but not more. It will be interesting to see if they can do something better in the future.

Sigtuna Brygghus had a new version of Ace Of Spades, this year it was an Imperial IPA. I was a bit disappointed. It didn’t have very much aroma, if it was aged for a long time it could be explained, but I thought it would probably be much better after six more months. Then it would rather be a barleywine, right? I’m sure Lemmy would not approve it ;-). I didn’t sample anything else from them (nothing new for me this time).

Oppigårds had a Hop Rocket (I want one!) connected to their Golden Ale this day. I forgot to ask which hops it was, but with the hop rocket I think the Golden Ale was lot more tasty and refreshing than the ordinary one. I also tasted their Ekporter, very nice.

Jämtlands Bryggeri had a Black IPA, I was disappointed! It was rather like a black English type of ale, it was not what I expected.

Eskilstuna Ölkultur had many good beers and nice guys working behind the bar.

Lervig Aktiebryggeri from Stavanger had a very good Brewers Reserve Rye IPA, very nice hoppy aroma. Their Konrads Stout was also pretty good.

Then I had some new from last years favourites, Djaevlebryg. Old Mephisto brewed 2008 and aged until now, it got gold last year? Gudelös and Dark Beast was also very good.

Amager’s Black IPA was pretty good, it is a good brewery. Since Black IPA is my favourite category and I make ones myself I have pretty solid idea of how a black IPA should be. And I have only tasted one or two black IPA’s (ever) that can compare to the ones I make. Also their Rated XXX would be worth mentioning.

A “industrial brewery” that doesn’t need SEO help celebrated a 175 year old porter by making it a little special by increasing the alcohol level and oak age it. I didn’t really buy the three fermenting stages they did with this beer, I simply believe the yeast did not simply do the job very quickly, and when you add something with sugar it will keep on eating and farting out alcohol no matter what you do in the process. But the girl behind the bar was nice, and this was the only place that gave us cheese with the beer samples, that is the reason I even brought this beer up :-).

To sum up this article, I tasted 38 different beers this day/evening (I got home before 22:00), my alcohol level was around 1.50‰ when I left.

There is one more weekend, maybe I’ll go again if someone want me to join. I tried most of the beers I wanted, but there is 20-30 more yellow tagged beers I didn’t try. Mostly bottles that shouldn’t be to difficult to run into in the future anyway.


I bottled the Russian Imperial Tolchock 2011.

Russian Imperial Tolchock 2011On December 3’rd 2010 I brewed the second batch of my Russian Imperial Tolchock. I modified the recipe a little since the first batch. The major changes is that I added some malted oats for a fuller smoother body. And less licorice root, but it still have the distinct taste of licorice that I want.

On December 11’th I added Nikka whiskey soaked oak chips to the second fermentation stage, and let it age for nearly two months. The first time I made the Tolchock I added priming sugar in the bottle and got very low carbonation. I guess the yeast had done it’s job already and refused to eat the sugar and fart out gas. So last Monday I kegged it instead to get carbonation this way, and yesterday I bottled it.

I got 9 liters into six 50 cl bottles, and seventeen 37 cl bottles, a total of 29 bottles. And what you see in the glass was to little for a bottle so I drank it and…

Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures!

Yarbles! Great bolshy yarblockos!
This is a milk-plus for myself all me droogs.

Monks Porter Cave (House) and Brewery

I was invited to the pre opening of Monks Porter House in Stockholm. I quickly reneamed it to the Porter Cave, from the pictures I think you can see why.

This is the third Monks pub in Stockholm and their second brewery. They have 56 taps where they will serve at least 20 taps by Swedish craft beer by home brewers and guest brewers. They will also have more than 500 porters and stouts on bottle from the whole world. Except porter and stout they will also have around 200 other beers on tap and bottle.

The pub is down stairs in the catacombs of a 400 year old building. The brewery is upstairs, but it was not finished yet. They promised to focus on the dark beers such as porter and stout.

There will be beer tasting opportunities and festivals on occasions.

Besides beer they will also have all the official brands of Mackmyra whiskeys, big selection of wines, food from the BBQ grill.

Eight towers with seven taps, this makes 56 taps!

They “only” had 30 kegs connected at the time. You can see this through the glass door in the pub, they were nice to let me in to take some pictures. Behind me was the glass door, and more racks of kegs.

Close up of the hoses and stuff.

Upstairs Mr Lancelot tells us that they are building the brewery here.

I give the place all thumbs up!

Check it out!

Monks Porter House
Munkbron 11
111 28 Stockholm

Buteljerade Tolchock β1

Ikväll buteljerade jag 23 st 33 cl och 5 stycken 50 cl flaskor av Tolchock β1.

Det är en Stout/Porter med chokladmalt, lakritsrot, ekfatslagrad i tre veckor, och mäktiga 11% alkoholstyrka och en bit över 100 IBU.

Jag har smakat av den varje gång jag mätt OG/FG värdet och den har smakat mums varje gång! Just nu sitter jag och sippar på den när jag bloggar :-). Jag kan knappt vänta tills den lagrats klart så att jag kan provsmaka den färdiga ryska smockan.