Brewday #71 – Eeengerland (New England IPA)

I haven’t brewed in almost 1.5 year, been working and too lazy, and other stuff to. I wanted to make a real Juicy New England IPA for a long time, and I have so much hops left makes it a good idea.

I got an idea to use the grain basket of the grandfather as a hop spider. I lowered it down and then turned of the boiling, then immediately added 100gr Chinook. I let it sit for 20 minutes. I added 100gr of Calypso. The wort was down to 87C so I put the termostat to 83C so it wouldn’t get to cold during the next 20 minutes.

The grain basket as a hop spider worked great! Look at the pictures all the hops was filtered out.

I’m a genius ;-).

Vol 17 Liters
OG 1072
FG 1016
IBU 65 (Theoretically according Beersmith)
ABV 7.35%

Brewday #70 – Imperial IPA


Sorry for not blogging the last brews. Also I’ve been pretty lazy brewing the past years.

If you read this you might notice I updated the web site theme. I think I lost some features, but those was from a time when I hacked the theme to get them in. I don’t have time or interest to do this anymore so they are gone.

I realized I have too much hops and best way to use it is making a well hopped Imperial India Pale Ale. So here we go!

I’m trying a new technique and hope I get better efficiency than before. I’m emptying the Grainfather after the mash-up to a kettle, it was about 9-10L. Then added 10 L 74°C water to the malt bed. Then pour the wort back into the boiler after mash out.

Also boiling for 120 minutes to caramel the malts more. You can see the hop bill above, basically

– Columbus bitter hops
– Centennial aroma hops
– Bunch of Citra, Columbus and Centennial at boil out

I used 585g hops, too much for the Hopspider which caused some problems I had to solve.

Dry hopped after 5 days with 300g Chinook and Calypso.

Thats five C-hops.

Vol 13 Liters
OG 1077
IBU 163,8











Brewday #33 – Heidrun the Vampire Slayer IPA

Bravo Zulu (Garlic spices India Pale Ale) β1

Today I’m brewing an garlic spiced India Pale Ale. I know, I g00gled the internets and found some forum posts about garlic in beer. It doesn’t look very well investigated which get me more eager to do a proper one. It also looks like people used garlic with lager or fizzy yellow beers? Anywhy I’m doing it with a medium hopped IPA and caramel malt, and high mash in temperature for extra body (I would have used more caramel malts if I had in stock, but I don’t). The hops I use is Bravo and Calypso, both very high American alpha hops. In one forum a lot of people said they was gonna try and make one and report back, but hardly no one did and one guy said that they are all probably dead and we should take it as a warning. So if this web site and twitter stop you probably know why ;-).

Batch size 12 liters (Estimated)
OG 1076 (Estimated)
FG 1021 (Estimated)
ABV 7.14% (Estimated)
IBU 60 (Estimated)
EBC 19 (Estimated)


Got 4 New hops delivered today

Galaxy hops, Super Galena hops, Bravo hops, and Calypso hops.

All these are new to me, I don’t think I even had any beers with these hops? I should make single hop IPA’s, but I’m not sure. I have other projects I also want to do soon.

I’m open for ideas :-).