Brewday #67 – The Wind That Shakes The Barley

#Brewday67 – 2016-05-16. 

23 litres batch with OG1070 was split up in three parts for the second fermentation. Lots of caramel malts, Columbus bitter hops and Aurora aroma hops. 

A) Session Ale; 9 litres + 9 litres of water + Dry hopped with 100gr Aurora. 

B) India Red Ale; 7 litres + Dry hopped with 100gr Centennial. 

C) Barleywine; 7 litres + Hershey’s Caramel Syrup + Muscovado Sugar + Coconut Palm Sugar

Brewday #50 – Orgasmatron Barleywine

Today I’m making a Barleywine, I gotta use the WLP099 High gravity yeast before it gets too old. So I’m making the most out of it to make a really strong one. I sparged out the first 8 liters of wort and cooked it for an hour to caramelize it. Then I sparged out the rest and got 20 liters boiling volume, and boiled it for another hour before adding the bittering hops. So in all I boiled this wort for three hours. Boiled away 5 liters from SG 1075 to ~1100. When the yeast have done most of the work I’ll add muscovado sugar to push it up towards ~15%ABV.

35 IBU
OG 1103
13 Liters
Estimated ABV 15%