Brewday #72 – Raw & Juicy (Raw Ale / New England IPA)

Cascade and Amarillo. Belma Hops to the right.

Maybe I’m crazy? I’m mashing in 6kg malts with 170gr Aurora hops for 75 minutes. Then after Mash out and sparging I will add 50 gr Amarillo, 50 gr Cascade and 50 gr Belma hops, keep the temperature for 20 minutes at 75C. No boiling, but it should be pasteurised.

Vol 22 Liters
OG 1057
FG 1015 (Estimated)
IBU 43 (Theoretically according Beersmith)
ABV 5.5% (Estimated)

Well hopped mash (Aurora Hops).
Hazy enough.

Brewday #50 – Orgasmatron Barleywine

Today I’m making a Barleywine, I gotta use the WLP099 High gravity yeast before it gets too old. So I’m making the most out of it to make a really strong one. I sparged out the first 8 liters of wort and cooked it for an hour to caramelize it. Then I sparged out the rest and got 20 liters boiling volume, and boiled it for another hour before adding the bittering hops. So in all I boiled this wort for three hours. Boiled away 5 liters from SG 1075 to ~1100. When the yeast have done most of the work I’ll add muscovado sugar to push it up towards ~15%ABV.

35 IBU
OG 1103
13 Liters
Estimated ABV 15%

Brewday #42 – Imperial Brown Ale

Maris Otter Pale Ale Malt, Carapale, Crystal 100 and lots of Pale Chocolate Malts with Magnum, Super Galena and lots of Amarillo hops. I will split the batch in two and use Safale US04 in one batch and Safbrew T58 in the other. With the same malt bed I will add more water and make a uRination Ale.

brewday #20 lemonAle

Hops, lemongrass and wort.

One year ago at the Stockholm Beer festival I tasted Aku-Aku from Nøgne Ø and fell in love with it. I have been waiting for a year now and I haven’t seen it anywhere, so I thought I might do one myself. I’m hell-hopin’ (of course!) it with Centennial and Amarillo. One lemon grass for the last 10 minutes boil, if that is not enough I’ll crush and add another one to the secondary?