Warrior sIPA – β1

Brewed 2010-03-13, OG 1062
bottled 2010-03-24, FG 1015

Lots of Warrior hops estimated IBU 70 (or more), Safbrew t-58. So I think it will be more Belgium style ale than American as first intended. ABV is around 6.2%

New inspiration after CBC2012


After the past weekend I spent in Copenhagen sampling over 50 beers I got new inspiration. I made “Luciferi 666 IBU IPA” a while ago. The past weekend I tasted a 1000 EBC stout from the Danish brewery Stronzo, they claim it is the darkest beer in the world. It was really good, a lot better than I thought such a dark beer would be.

This got me thinking, I can make a even darker beer, so one of these days I’ll make a “Luciferi 666 EBC Russian Imperial Oatmeal Stout”. I haven’t Made the recipe, but it would include a lot of black malts.