Brewday #49 – SurJAMT with Yeasties & Beasties

I’m not sure about the name, if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments.

I’m not taking any pictures of the brewing, because the brewing process is pretty boring so I post a picture of a Snaggletööth IPA I had last week instead.

Actually it turned interesting, a couple of liters from the 30L kettle edge. I have ice cubes if disaster (throw in the kettle or on my arms)

The process is the same as brewing an ordinary wort. It is the fermentation that is different, I’m only using 10 gr of hops for a 15-20 liter batch. I’m supposed to use old hops (useless for other beer styles), but I don’t have any so I’ll use fresh (pellets) hops.

When the wort is cooked and ready I will poor it hot as it is to the fermentation bucket, add water if necessary. And then I let it cool over the night, and tomorrow I add the yeasties and beasties and let them do the work for the next week or so. Then I will split the batch in to 2-3 secondary with berries, fruits or whatever interesting I will find. I’m thinking cherries (Kriek), blueberry, cloud berry, but I haven’t decided yet I still have plenty of time.

What I call Yeasties & Beasties is a funky yeast with Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, and the bacterial strains Lactobacillus and Pediococcus.

I realize this won’t be a traditional… I missed that I should have used wheat (didn’t have any) to get out the sourness. I know about the hops should have been aged (maybe I could have roasted them?). I sparged with 75C, I should have sparget really hot 88C to get out tannins. Bah! I’m sure it will be good anyway, I’ll add berries and stuff so I don’t think anyone will notice (except experts). The wort is cooked and I will let it cool down naturally over night.

Edit 2012-07-26 (day after); now when it has cooled down the night and day I measured the OG and it was much more than expected. So I added more water until 21 liters and get the OG 1059, the ABV will be around 5.5% which is pretty lagomt for a beer like this. I took out the beasties from the fridge and will pour it in later this evening when the wort has cooled down to room temperature.

20121022-164434.jpgEdit 2012-10-22: I haven’t had money or other excuses to get real berries, so I’m doing a poor mans solution. It was FG1008 before I put the lemonades in, I realised it was too little, maybe 1 or two more bottles each.

Blueberry and Black Currant is what I got. It tasted pretty good as it was, I almost regretted adding fruits to the whole batch.

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