New beers at Systembolaget (August 2012)


Today the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget released a bunch of new beers and wines, I didn’t get all of them, only the ones my low budget could afford (there was some Italian and French ones I skipped). Being poor I only got one of each. From left to right I got…

Ale Smith – Horny Devil (USA, 11%ABV Belgian style ale)
Ale Smith – Wee Heavy (USA, 10%ABV Scotch style ale)
Great Divide – 18’th Anniversary Wood Aged (USA, 8.5%ABV Double IPA)
Stronzo – Walrus Punch (Denmark, 7%ABV India Pale Ale)
Lervig – Konrad’s Stout (Norway, 10.5%ABV Russian Imperial Stout)
Lervig – Rye IPA (Norway, 8.5%ABV India Pale Ale)
Emelisse – Glen Elgin Barrel Aged (Netherlands, 11%ABV Russian Imperial Stout)
Emelisse – Ardberg Barrel Aged (Netherlands, 11%ABV Russian Imperial Stout)
North Coast – Old Stock Ale 2012 (USA, 11.7%ABV Barleywine)

I paid 666 SEK for all these 9 beers.If I had more money I would buy a whole box of Old Stock and age it for many years, this have been good every year, and better the older they are. It is a beer you should age (but I will probably crack it open within a month). Actually all these beers except the two IPA is safe to age many years. As good wine, good beer get better with age. IPA is usually best relatively fresh, but you can age them to, the hoppyness aroma might fade away with time.

If you are interested what I think of each beers you can check me out on Untappd or Twitter (I’m not doing longer reviews of beers).

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