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R.I.P. Jonte!

The past Friday I was at Bishops Arms brunch, I sampled lots of new beers, had brunch. I also had a gravöl literally “grave beer”, in Sweden we are much more specific to what we mean by a funeral fiest, we have a beer and think about the deceased person. I never new Jonte, how or why he had died. But it was the head brewers son, and today was his funeral. Apparently he was a fighter from the beginning so I had to have the Jontes Atgeir from Närke Kulturbryggeri.

Then I was planning to go home ans sleep until the evening Brew Makers Dinner with James Watt from Brew Dog. But first I was gonna stop at Akkurat and have one Konjaks Stormaktsporter. I did. But then I found out that they had the last keg (possibly last in the world) of Eylenbosch Kriek from 1989. It was like floating candy, it was so good I had to have three, and one more Stormaktsporter. I was drinking really slowly, after 2-3 hours I changed my mind to stay, I didn’t feel like spending one hour on the train going home and not have an idea what to do when I get home. So I stayed at Akkurat for 6 hours.

Then I went to the Brew Makers Dinner and met up with my friends in time for dinner. The company was good, James was entertaining and so his sales manager Jonathan, and Darren the Swedish Top Dog. The food was very good, and so was the beer. If I remember correctly we first got the 77 Lager, then Punk IPA, 5 AM Saint, Riptide, Abstrakt 06, Hardcore IPA. For desert we got Deep-fried Västerbotten cheese with cloud-berries and Hello My Name Is Ingrid IPA.

And Oh Deer! Finally he surprised us with the Ghost Deer. Ghost Deer is a 28% ABV beer, the strongest fermented beer in the world (there is stronger, but they are often freeze distilled).

It was a very expensive day (for me!), but I had my birthday recently so this was my birthday present to myself.

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